i am a just girl.


i love you so much even now

OMG she is so beautiful.

OMG she is so beautiful.



Butterfly, from Weezer, is what Hosomi san sang in Taiwan…

he said “ほんどうに帰たくない” (I really dont wanna leave)

when the fans asked for the pick, he said “this is just 100 yen pick, you can buy anywhere ” but he threw it to his fans…

then he share this song to us…

I simply got touched like the first time I heard Taka sang “et cetera”…

"I’m sorry for what I did
I did what my body told me to
I didn’t mean to do you harm 

I told you I would return
when to robin makes his nest
but I ain’t never comin’ back”

I’m touched, just touched…

細美武士-Butterfly@2013大港開唱 (by connie79627)

There ain’t no fear

There ain’t no hope

There ain’t no right

There ain’t no wrong

ELLEGARDEN -Salamander-

"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

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Daytime Shooting Star | Sato Takeru as Shishio Satsuki

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